Bulgarian Youth Folk Dance and Music Festival

Popular guest performers, special repertoire, illustrious venues – The Jantra Folk Dance Group surprises its numerous audience with novelties each year at its self-organized festival. The Bulgarian and Hungarian State Folk Ensembles, Márta Sebestyén, the Bulgarian Radio soloists, Ági Herczku, Nikola Parov and other distinguished artists have performed so far on Bulfest’s stage, not to mention all the upcoming guests appearing at future festivals so to amaze more spectators.

Each year since its foundation, the Jantra and Rositsa Groups have dedicated a whole night long performance to celebrate their anniversaries. The delightful birthday shows have been guaranteed by many guest artists who are also close friends with both groups. Beside the annually renewed repertoire, the audience could also enjoy the most popular performances of the Balkan culture. The birthday celebration formally became the Bulfest festival in 1999. The festivals’ high-quality gala performances, followed by series of concerts and dance celebrations, leading into the night, have presented more than 12 thousand spectators with memorable evenings.